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2018-04-10 15:58:05

п»їScoliosis Bracing - Go For Spinecor Brace

What Is It All About?

The word Scoliosis is derived from the Greek word Skoliosis, meaning 'crooked.' It is a medical condition. The spine of the person suffering from it gets curved. It can be detected only by an X ray. It is a three-dimensional deformity. In the United States alone, more than seven million people suffer from this condition. The spine takes the form of an "S" or a "C" sometimes in this condition. This condition can also affect animals, such as cats and dogs. It can be classified into the following forms:

1.Congenital: The abnormalities already present in vertebrae cause this type.
2.Neuromuscular: It is usually developed as a side effect of some other severe condition or accident. Physical injury, cerebral plasy, spina bifida are a major cause of this type.
3.Idiopathic: The cause of this type remains a mystery. It is further classified into four subcategories, namely, infantile, juvenile, adolescent, and adult, according to age.


This condition prevents physical capacity and can lead to decreased lung capacity and heart problems. In severe cases, symptoms can be really bad, such as asymmetric breasts in females, uneven leg lengths, uneven or prominent hips, and even slow nerve reaction. This problem can be detected by examining the body posture. Physicians match the symmetry of the body. This is done to ascertain if shoulders and hips are at equal height. Abnormal curves, uneven breasts, and hips are symptoms of this problem. When the condition is due to genetic factors, it can be easily detected by skin changes.

Try Braces For Maximum Relief

There are various cures and equipment available. One of the most common and effective among them is Scoliosis bracing. These braces are used to relieve pain and to hold the distorted spine. Braces are very helpful in preventing the spine from progressing any further. This way, using braces can avoid surgery of distorted spine. Basically, the patient's spine is encased with a device, which covers his torso and sometime neck. This is called scoliosis bracing. These braces are made of plastic or fiberglass. Braces are always custom-made. Scoliosis soft brace can be used very effectively to prevent further spine distortion in young adults and children. One of the most effective braces is Spinecor Brace. It is very effective in cases of Adult Scoliosis of Adolescent Onset, De-Novo Adult Scoliosis, and Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.

However, it is most effective when the condition is detected and treated early. The success rate of this brace largely depends on the duration of use, age, and health of patients. The soft brace is an advanced method of treatment. Soft braces, such as spinecor, can be easily adjusted beneath clothes. Thus image is not affected. It is especially helpful for children. Since physical activity is not much impacted, children are referred scoliosis soft brace only. Also, the flexibility and softness provided by this brace is unmatched. Comfort becomes an important factor in scoliosis bracing.

Choose The Best One

Sometimes, this condition can become very severe and painful. Bracing helps to reduce pain. Bracing is also helpful in preventing the growth of misshaped spine. If you want to get the maximum relief, go only for a good scoliosis bracing.

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2018-03-24 22:04:46

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